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Only one of millions of ideas thought of during quarantine, this is the one that made it. Ellen's started at the local Farmer's Market in the Fall of 2020, selling outside on the windy days, the rainy days, and the snowy days.

With all the love and support of what we do, we were able to open our first store location in Aggieville in 2022, allowing us to sell our plants year-round

 So who are we?

Ellen's is a loose-leaf tea and houseplant destination. Our original unique hand-crafted tea blends undergo hours upon hours of testing to find precise ratios to maximize flavor, all without the use of flavoring. That's right, everything you are tasting in our tea is from the ingredients themselves (and there's a lot more benefits that way too). 

Ellen's Planted Tea


With history in bartending, both Michael and Megan have a knack for mixing various ingredients at just the right amounts to create intriguing, bold, and quite frankly, just really f*ing good cups of tea. 

Each blend is meticulously developed by these two and only the best of the best make it onto our menu.

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